Wood and Steel Gardenbench.

Our house has lovely morning sun. Just – not on the patio, but at the front of the house. I have been a bit envious, that our neighbors had a bench at their front door. Last week I watched Jessie Uyeda’s 2×4 outdoor furniture video, and I knew immediately how our bench should look like. I did some scribbles and ordered steel – right – I replaced the 2x4s by U steel profiles, that would give me the strength to leave out the rear leg.

I built a wooden template, to hold the metal parts tight, while I was tack welding them together. This way I made sure, both legs had precisely the same shape, even after cooling. Also, I can build additional side pieces in the future.

After having everything together, I used the beautiful evening sun on our patio, painted and drilled the steel and mounted the wooden seating.

The whole project took me about 2 days including welding, finishing, drilling and mounting the wood. Thre result turned out great.

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