Wood and steel Coffee Table

We have been using a 12 bucks (sic!) coffee table, which we purchased while at the university for a long time. It was ugly, but when we bought it, the low cost was the top priority. Not, that we did not try to buy a new one. We ordered one – but it did not show up, and deep down in my heart, I did not even like, what you can buy for a lot of money.

Finally, I decided to build it myself. I did some basic sketches and showed them to my wife, and finally, we agreed to this.

The challenge was: I had no experience in metalworking at all. I did some copper brazing many years ago and thought it can´t be that complicated, so I decided, this is the way to go, as long as I do not have any welding equipment.

Brazing the first frame was not as easy as I expected.

I mitered all tubes to 45° and brazed it with a MAPP torch. This worked somehow, but it was no fun. I definitely have to get me welding equipment.

the first finished frame. Not as easy, as I expected, but I am happy with the result. Learning: I definitely have to drill a hole before finishing the last seam.

Finally, I was happy with the result, smoothed the seams out with a flap disc and mounted it to an oak panel.

Test fitting the whole table in my office.

I primed the frames with a zinc primer and finished the whole build with a matte gray spray paint. I chose RAL7016, which I already used for some lamps in our flat. Really like, how it looks together with the oiled oak.

The coffee table moved into our home. Really like how it turned out. Simple – clean design.

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