Up”cycling” – vintage steel bike with modern features

I like to ride bikes. A lot. I am living in Hamburg, where cars are just too slow, and my place is too far from the subway to be convenient. Unfortunately, my daily bike lacks three things: Mudguards lights and profiled tires. I love the clean looks and the low friction, but it is not suitable for the winter-time, so I decided to upcycle my old “Hollandrad” that was rusting in my backyard for years.

I stripped the paint – a really painful process – and primed and painted the frame and added some old, some new and no blue parts.

My usual color scheme… RAL7016 – this time a glossy resin based spray paint.

Tried to keep the classic appearance, while upgrading lights and gearbox.


Brakes – are not perfect, but look just about right at the old bike.
I choose to use the classical open bottom bracket – not technically perfect but looks consistent.
Found an old Brooks leather-saddle on the flea market.

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