Miniature Eiermann

One thing all Architects I know have in common: They like Bauhaus design and one of the Bauhaus icons is the simple E2 table by Egon Eiermann.  My mother is an Architect, and she is no exception. She wanted a tiny version of the E2 to use as a coffee table. As she lives in a small house she wanted to have it extensible to the full height of her dining table, so she can extend the dining table when hosting more than three guests.

She sent me a drawing with dimensions, and I decided to build it from scratch rather, than modifying an existing table. As I decided to learn to weld, I jump on any excuse to practice.

Welding the frame

To make sure both side pieces turn out identically, I quickly built a template out of scrap wood.

I cut the tubes to length and tack welded them together, checked for square and then welded them. For the center cross, I decided to not go for the wings to bolt it to the side pieces, but weld a nut into the end of each tube.


Finally, I took the pieces home to my patio, as I did not want to paint inside the shop. I spray painted some coats of primer and finished it with a matte black to match her other furniture.

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