The purpose of this blog…

…honestly? I have no idea.

I did not have a blog or even a website for a while and was 100% focused on my day job. Which I still do. Luckily My work includes a lot of traveling – which I love – and a lot of photo opportunities, so why not share a few of my experiences and photos.

And in the past months I finally found the time for my hobby again: Making things. I grew up with access to my parent’s workshop and in a house that – well lets put it this way – gave a lot of opportunities to learn the use of tools. So I got used to working with my hands when I was a young and always loved it. When I moved to the city for University, I did not have access to a workshop anymore. Finally, it has been about 15 years, which I did not make anything, so I am pleased I found time, muse and the resources to start building things again.

So I do not exactly know the purpose or red line of this blog, but I will figure this out along the way.

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