DIY Modern Wood and Steel Side Table

Why is the coffee table called coffee table? Right, you have your feet on it, when drinking coffee. Or in a more cultivated environment, you might also put your coffee mug on it. But let’s be honest. It is not the most convenient place for coffee, as you always have to bend forward to get another sip. So I used to balance my mug on the white leather of our sofa, which had two significant disadvantages:

  1. White leather and coffee stains are not a good match.
  2. It was far too unstable.

So I decided to build a side table or end table, or however, you want to call it. A piece of furniture that sits beside the sofa and is just big enough to put a coffee mug on it. Or a beer.

My wife sent me this picture as an idea.

I decided to go for a steel base and an oak top to match our coffee table – and to be honest all of my other DIY furniture. I had some 5mm flat stock in the shop, and a leftover piece of oak from my shoe shelves build. I did a quick model in Fusion 360 and without bothering to look at the drawing again cut some steel and started welding.

The Rendering is done with Fusion 360


Finally, I am pretty happy with the looks, but the table could be stiffer. So I will grind down the paint again and weld in a small part of flat-stock, that will generate a “T” structure and make the upright portion stiffer. This will for sure influence the design, but as it is, it’s too bouncy.

Test fit in the shop after welding.
Oiled oak for the top.
And I am really happy with how it turned out.

I recorded a video, but I am incredibly slow with editing. So I hope I will publish it still in 2018 🙂


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